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SLR1210 3RF red
SLR1210 3RF grn
SLR1210 3RF bl
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  • SLR1210 3RF bl
  • SLR1210 3RF red
  • SLR1210 3RF grn
  • SLR1210 3RF bl
  • SLR1210 3RF bk 1

Hygienic heavy duty Pallet SLR1210 3RWMF

Hygienic heavy duty Pallet SLR1210 3RWMF – UAE

1,2,3 Metal rods re-inforced

The hygienic pallets are ideal heavy duty pallet for cleanroom applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical or food industry, easy to clean, Hygienic plastic pallets are very suitable for internal production, storage, storage in rack,conveyor belt,quick freezing and transport of heavy goods. They are characterized by closed deck and bottom an in molded runners. Hygienic plastic pallets are mostly used in the pharmaceutical sector and in food productions. Hygienic plastic pallets have a long life time and they are constructed for heavy load.

Racking pallets

Pallet racking is a storage system for pallets that used extensively in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. The racks are made from steel and extend high up toward the ceiling. 2 way pallets are recommended for racking purpose. Major material handling equipment’s can be used in 2 way pallets like stacker, fork lift,Hand pallet truck etc.

MODEL # : SLRP 1210 3R WMF

Technical Specifications
  • Dimension (L x W x H) mm 1200 x 1000 x 150 mm
  • Material HDPE/PP Injection grade + UV stabilizer
  • Type Flat top surface
  • Bottom type bottom , unwelded
  • Metal Rods Yes , 1,2,3 steel rods option
  • Temperature stability -25 °C - 60 °C
  • Load Capacity Static : 6000 kg , Dynamic 2000 Kg, Racking 1200kg*
  • Material Handling equipment Fork lift, stacker & hand pallet truck
  • Labeling Customized one colour silk screen logo printing / logo embossing available on request
  • *depends upon the span width & uniform distributed loading
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