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Foldable pallet box
Foldable pallet box green
  • Foldable pallet box green
  • Foldable pallet box
  • Foldable pallet box green

Pallet Box Foldable

Pallet boxes are used for loose parts, mixed small containers, granular materials, powders, liquids,Fruits & vegetables, waste collection etc. Also used for shipping and storage of bulk intermediate materials prior to further processing or packaging.These are available in foldable model. 

Foldable pallet boxes are used in Vegetable farms , fruits farms for storing fruits & vegetables.

These are very easy to dismantle when the pallet boxes are empty

These Pallet boxes are easy to handle with forklift & hand pallet truck.

Accessories like Lid,wheels are available as per client request.

We are one of the major suppliers of foldable plastic pallet boxes in Dubai UAE. Pallet boxes in UAE available in different sizes.


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