Spill Pallet 4 Drum

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Spill Pallet 4 Drum Low Floor

Spill Pallet 4 Drum Low Floor – UAE

A spill pallet is a bunded secondary containment item that is designed to hold containers of oil and fuels. It is called a ‘secondary containment item’ because it is designed to catch the leaks and spill of the container’s contents which rest upon it

SpillCo 4 Drum spill pallets are designed to keep 4 pieces of 50ltr – 205 ltr drum. Top part of the spill pallets are called loading grids where we can keep the drum & the bottom part is called sump where the chemical or liquids store. SpillCo spill pallets comes with inbuilt drain plugs & easy removable top grids.

SpillCo Spill pallets are heavy duty long lasting product & which is made with 100% polyethylene (LLDPE) material ,rotational molding construction – compatible with a broad range of chemicals, including acids and corrosive.Bright, safety yellow sumps are semi transparent, offering convenient visual leak detection.


Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1300 x 1300 x 150 mm ( External)
  • No of Drums can keep 4 Drum 4 x 205 ltr
  • Sump Capacity 167 ltr
  • Max Loading Capacity 2720 kg
  • Material 100% polyethylene + UV Stabilizer
  • Temperature Stability - 25 °C to + 60 °C
  • Model Nestable for optimized shipping and storage
  • Drain Valve YES , Inbuilt drain valves
  • Chemical Compatibility YES , Compatible with most chemicals
  • Colour Black grid & yellow sump (Bottom)
Color Options
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